February 12th, 2024

A screenshot of IntegrationOS' new developer documentation

Major upgrades

  • We released an entirely new experience for our core platform developer documentation. Docs are now neatly organized to make onboarding and usage ramp easier.
  • We added a Glossary section to our developer docs to clarify the main components of the ecosystem
  • We released an entirely new API Reference experience. The new API Reference is fully interactive via automatic API injection, which means you can play and test the API directly in the documentation without needing other tools.
  • We deployed new schema mapping visuals in the developer dashboard. Now, you can view exactly how an integration platform’s schemas are mapped to our Common Models.

Minor improvements

  • Cleaned up the Settings to remove cluttered sections and fields
  • Renamed the “Profile” section in Settings to “Account”

January 19th, 2024

A screenshot of IntegrationOS' visual integration management canvas

Major upgrades

  • Released a brand new layout for our developer dashboard. This includes separate sections for the new product ecosystems Unify, Embed and Automate
  • Made Connections visual with a new canvas. The new Connections canvas is where you can securely add new Connections, review data mapping and view all Connected Accounts.
  • Introduced a better way to securely add Connections using Event Embed
  • Introduced Connection environments

Minor improvements

  • Resolved an issue with using the canvas in larger browser screen sizes
  • Optimized the organization of API keys by separating spaces for Sandbox and Production keys

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