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May 29th, 2024

Introducing Pricing v2

We've restructured our pricing plans to better accommodate use cases at scale for our customers.

Today, we're announcing three new plans: Free forever, Ridiculously cheap (inspired by the incredible team at PostHog) and Growth. Our new plans are primarily usage-based with a low monthly subscription, depending on the features you're looking to unlock. The vast majority of features are available on all plans. We tried to paywall as little features as possible to create a consistent experience, regardless of the selected plan and budget.

The major difference between Free forever and Ridiculously cheap is the connected account limit. On free, you're limited to a generous 10 connected accounts. When you're ready to deploy to production and scale, you can upgrade to Ridiculously cheap to unlock unlimited connected accounts. You're also able to access premium integrations within this plan. You can view all integration types in our catalog.

The major difference between Ridiculously cheap and Growth is the API call limit. With Growth, you're likely to be scaling your integration call volume and therefore need unlimited calls, which is exactly what you get. With this plan, you can also fully white label the IntegrationOS experience within your application and set up monthly spend limits to control costs as you scale.

As always, we're consistently looking for feedback on pricing changes. Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or reach out to us in the Slack community!


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