The unified API for financial apps.

Launch 50+ performant, maintenance-free integrations for customers with a few lines of code. By unlocking more integrations, you can expand app usage and scale revenue, overnight.

Works seamlessly with 20+ frameworks
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80% time saved during scoping.
90% decrease in build times.
5x faster time to market.
95% decrease in maintenance.
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Fully open source integration middleware.
IntegrationOS provides you the tools and infrastructure to deploy robust, secure, highly-performant integrations for your customers.

Everything you need to ship and scale connected apps.

AuthKit Securely connect customer accounts using a drop-in web component.
AuthKit UI Component
Unified API Build application logic with unified data from any third-party in JavaScript and TypeScript.
Any public API
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Realtime Logs Manage your integrations and view core usage data from one central dashboard.
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Your integrations, your way.

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One endpoint, endless benefits.

No lock-in
We're 100% open source under an OSI-approved license. We're committed to building the most transparent integration layer.
Fully managed
We automatically push updates when third-parties update their APIs. That way, you don't need to worry about maintenance.
Our Unified API can read and write data bi-directionally between integrations in 400ms or less.
Usage-based billing
We avoid value-based pricing whenever possible and offer pricing that decreases exponentially with scale.
We don't require you to store a single row of your highly-sensitive customer data in order to use our products.
Generously priced
We offer a free tier so large that only a fraction of our customers pay us anything when building integrations.
Build with our Unified API today.
$ npm i @integrationos/node

Deploy your first integrated app in minutes.

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Next.js AI Chatbot (coming soon)
An open-source chatbot that uses OpenAI, plus Vercel's AI SDK, v0 and edge functions.
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eCommerce Loyalty (coming soon)
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Expense Management (coming soon)
A Next.js template that unifies invoice, customer and order data.
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Ticket Automation (coming soon)
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