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IntegrationOS for Creators is a program that supports the next wave of developer content creators. Get resources ranging from affiliate revenue to personal ad sponsorship.

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Features. Get featured in our newsletter (5k subscribers).
Revenue. Earn 30% revenue share for referring users.
Access. Get early access to exclusive product updates.
Discounts. Get accepted, gain 1-month free of our Growth plan.
Reach. Get free thought leaders ads on your content.
Community. Join a dedicated Slack for referral updates
Collab. Launch campaigns with other top creators.
Merch. Get free IntegrationOS swag - and lots more!

Getting started is easy

Apply to join IntegrationOS' Creator Program. You'll get a special link that tracks your referrals.
Work with IntegrationOS to produce thought leading developer content, access new distribution channels and collect referrals.
For each of your referrals who become paying customers, we'll give 30% of the revenue for the first 12 months. 5% for the 12 months after that.


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