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February 24th, 2024

Introducing AuthKit

Learn how to launch seamless authentication UI natively in your web application using AuthKit

A better way to integrate

Today, we're launching AuthKit powered by IntegrationOS.

AuthKit is a flexible open source toolkit for authentication UI with support for both hosted and headless builds. It comes with powerful features to help ensure continuous uptime of mission-critical integrations, while saving hundreds of hours of engineering resources every month.

AuthKit currently supports over 50+ integration platforms from categories like CRM, Accounting & ERP, Customer Support, eCommerce, Generative AI and more.

Why integrate?

Integrations are directly correlated with usage and sales.

Being sited as one of the top 3 website pages in a SaaS buyer's evaluation journey, they're mission-critical to almost every SaaS business. But, they're extremely taxing.

The dynamic nature of 3rd-party integrations requires both a ton of lift to get off the ground and in-front of customers + countless hours of maintenance and upkeep.

Let's also not forget most engineers also deeply dislike building integrations. They are tedious and repetitive and the work typically doesn't lead to any net new technical knowledge, which is vital for an engineer to truly enjoy a project. If we care about engineering churn, we don't assign our best engineers the integration project in Linear.

This is why we built AuthKit.

We wanted to make native integrations available to any developer without the lift.

Launch integrations with one click

Hosted AuthKit requires minimal setup while offering sophisticated styling tools to give you full control over the experience for your customers.

On top of customizations, AuthKit efficiently manages all the aspects of the authentication process, including OAuth 2 support, enabling developers to focus on the core development of their products.

Comes with a Unified API

Complementing AuthKit is Unified API, the universal backend endpoint for easily interfacing with data within an authorized integration account.

With AuthKit, your web application can now have properly permissioned and scoped access to your users' 3rd-party integration data. Unified API makes it all easily accessible via 30+ Common Models, which are shared data schemas that work across any supported integration.

In other words, you can use the same Unified API resource to Create, Get, List, Update, Count and Delete records in Salesforce as you do in QuickBooks. Pretty magical stuff.

For a full list of Common Models, you can visit our API Reference.

20 connected accounts, for free

AuthKit can be hosted by IntegrationOS, and comes free up to twenty connected accounts. Your instance can be configured directly via the IntegrationOS Admin Dashboard and for $6 / connected account per month.

It’s that simple. No gotchas, no gimmicks, no annoying limits.

Get started today

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with these new APIs and components. To give it a try, explore the AuthKit QuickStart Guide and check out the AuthKit Example App.


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