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June 24th 2024

How to Unify Refunds in POS Integrations

A simple guide on how to issue and retrieve refunds in Square


Reviewing, issuing and managing refunds is a challenge at almost any level of scale. The challenge compounds when you start working with multiple POS integrations.

This month, IntegrationOS released support for two market-leading POS providers - Square and Clover. With the release, we wanted to publish a guide showcasing a simple example of how unifying refund data can save hours of time on your next POS integration.

Getting started

In this guide, we're going to be executing a simple workflow:

  1. Retrieve Payment IDs of historical payments
  2. Issue a Refund on a specific payment
  3. Query all Refunds

This guide uses endpoints that can be found within IntegrationOS' public Postman Collection.

Retrieve a Payment ID

Start by using the List Payments endpoint to retrieve the Payment ID of the payment you'd like to refund:

Issue a Refund

Next, we'll use the Create Refund endpoint with a specified Payment ID.

List Refunds

Finally, we're able to run a few queries in order to list refunds or get a single refund from a POS system

List all Refunds

To get a list of all existing refunds, we can use the List Refunds endpoint

Get a single Refund

You're also able to retrieve a specific Refund by providing the Refund ID of a previously executed refund:

Wrapping up

This example uses Square to showcase how to manipulate Refund data. It starts to become increasingly valuable from a developer efficiency standup when you start to overlay additional POS systems into your integration ecosystem, while using the same endpoints and logic.

Have questions about this post or want to know more about the Refund API? Reach out to us on X or schedule some time with our solutions engineering team.


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